is a lifestyle blog that covers a multitude of topics ranging from fashion, beauty, fitness, restaurants/cuisine, travel, and the list goes on. This gives those who subscribe to my content the ability to choose what works best in conjunction with their personal taste and comfort level.  The woman that comes to mind when I think about my current mission is one who is rich in love, culture, and femininity, but has lost her way and just needs a bit of fine tuning. She is one who is ready to rediscover her sexy. She is one who envisions herself standing tall, and one who never accepts the status quo. She is graceful in all that she does and embodies all that it means to be a true “Swaginista” …she is ME; she is YOU; she is US! So please join me on this journey as we reteach ourselves how to “swag” effortlessly through this stage called life and how to look, eat, & live good while doing it!

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