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3 Style Tips Sure to Help You Pick the Perfect Wedding Attire! Spring/Summer Edit!

As the Spring/Summer seasons quickly approach, they bring with them one of the most celebrated events of the year…wedding season! And while you wait at the mailbox in anticipation of that invite, something else comes to mind…finding the perfect wedding attire!

I don’t know about you all, but for myself this is one of the more challenging aspects of fashion/styling for me because I want it to be just right! But with anything when you know you just know. I am due to attend a wedding in a few weeks and have yet to find that perfect dress, hence my ordering and trying on several!!!


So without further ado, check out my 3 Style Tips Sure to Help you Pick the Perfect Wedding Attire (Scroll further to check out my Amazon looks suited to different body types)!


Confirm the Dress Code for the Event

This is the most critical step. Far too many times do we attend weddings and see people who clearly chose to let their personal desires guide their outfit choices. They’re decision making fell way outside of the scope of the suggestions made. People also tend to be really good at making it clear what the expectations are, so don’t be afraid to ask if the info isn’t already provided.


Start Early as Possible

I can’t stress this enough, especially if you’re an online shopper. The reality is that you may have to kiss a few frogs, before finding that perfect fit (This is for honestly ANY event that you plan on shopping for). Also consider the return process. There is nothing worse than ordering the dress of your dreams only to find that it doesn’t work.


Assess your Body Type/Measurements for A Proper Fit

This is the part where you must be honest with yourself. While you may see pieces that you love, it’s important to note that everything that looks good on the model may not flatter your body type. If you’re a top-heavier woman (think broad shoulders, larger breast, wider mid-section), you’re going to want to focus on finds that create more volume on the lower proportions of the body (think A-Line, skater, drawstring, ruching). A woman that pulls more bottom heavy (smaller breast, defined waistline, larger hips/thighs/derriere) may want to focus on garments that create more volume up top (puff shoulder, bell sleeves, or asymmetrical necklines) to create more of a diversion from eyes wandering to her lower half.


For my ladies who may need a bit more direction concerning body type and wedding attire check out my pictorials below for some Swaginista style inspiration.











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