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3 Ways to Determine Sizing When Shopping Online!

Read Those Dimensions! -I always go by dimensions because days end, I’d rather that something fit too big versus too small. Just remember, a larger size can be taken in and a smaller size has no wiggle room for letting a garment out. You will only be teasing yourself as you will most likely never …


Swaginista Sundays-We had a Wine Tasting @ Home!!!

Hey Swaginistas, this past Sunday evening bae ended up suggesting that we do an at home wine tasting. Of course, I thought it was an amazing idea, so we headed to our neighborhood grocery store Savi Provisions (Midtown Atlanta) to gather a few items. We opted for 3 red wines and what wine-tasting extravaganza would …

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Hello World…Welcome to The!!!

Hello World…Welcome To The!!! Greetings to all my “Swaginistas” and thank you for taking the time to check me out! My name is Kesha J, also known as the “Swaginista” and I hail from the metropolitan city of Detroit, MI and I currently reside in Atlanta, GA. Growing up in one of the most …