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3 Simple Ways to Determine What You Should (And Should NOT) Show! Curves Edition!

I am someone who fully endorses a woman playing up her best attributes but feel that there can be some uncertainty surrounding the process of what body parts to expose when putting an ensemble together.

While I personally feel that it is entirely up to the woman when deciding which of her “goods” to showcase, some environments may allow for a more risqué look, while others may require one to display less.

Below you will find some simple rules that I employ when deciding what and what not to show.

  1. Identify Your Environment!

This step is pivotal when figuring out what to wear. Regardless of where you fall on the sexiness spectrum, whether you’re more conservative or a woman who loves to push the envelope, it’s important that you confirm the dress code. If one is not available to you, then follow your internal compass. Don’t be afraid to do a bit of research either. Visual platforms like Instagram or Pinterest are my go-to’s when trying to find, say “springtime wedding” or “interview attire” inspiration. Typically, one wouldn’t show up to a wedding in all white or to an interview with exposed breast (unless auditioning for a slot in a Vegas Review). Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to your more fashion forward friends. They’re usually more than willing to help and will jump at the chance to give sound advice.

  1. Use the “1/3 Rule!

My rule of thumb is to display only one body part at a time (i.e., breast, stomach, thighs/legs), which is what I refer to as the 1/3 rule. Choosing one body part to showcase gives you that extra oomph visually but manages to keep the rest of your “business” intact. For instance, if you decide to show a considerable amount of leg (think, mini skirt) then you may choose a shirt or dress with a high neckline or long sleeves. One of my favorite areas to play up is my décolletage (clavicle/breasts), so I tend to downplay other areas with clothing that minimizes my other attributes. The goal is to still express your femininity while maintaining balance throughout the look that you’ve created. 

  1. Confidence, Confidence, & More Confidence!!!

Confidence IS key, but in this regard, I’m speaking to the way you feel/fit in your clothing. There is nothing worse than putting on a beautiful top or dress and having to pull and tug at it the entire time that you’re out. I’m sure we’ve all experienced this at some point and felt our confidence slowly fade by the second. Not to mention how annoying it can be. While it is of uber importance to feel your best, not feeling solid in your presentation can affect the way you come across. If you spend an entire function adjusting ill-fitting clothing, I guarantee you’ll be paying more attention to that, rather than enjoying yourself. Do yourself a favor and ditch the too “small/restricting/tight” garments.

Figuring out what to wear can present a challenge, especially for those who may not have their finger on the pulse of current fashion trends or those that have adopted the “less is more” perspective. My hope is that the suggestions above not only help elevate your look, but keep you event appropriate. No matter how you choose to enhance your curves, you too can be comfortable and confident by incorporating my most valued tips.

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