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5 Things to Do While Bae is Away! Valentine’s Day Edition!

For the woman whose attached or sassy and single but lacking inspiration on how to fill her time this Valentine’s Day!!!


So, with Valentine’s Day 2022 being right around the corner, what could be better than giving my fellow Swaginista’s a few ideas to help nurture the love within. Since bae and I will be spending our 1st Valentine’s Day apart (Annual Men’s Ski Trip/Super Bowl Sunday happened to fall during this time of year) since we started dating, I figured that there is no reason to be bummed out…but to get creative.


So, without further delay, check out some of my tips below sure to create the ultimate self-love bomb!


Have a self-care day!

What could be better than loving on yourself on the day of love? Whether you decide to pay for top notch services, such as a trip to the spa, a visit to your local masseuse, an update to your look via your hair stylist or trusted nail tech…or you could save some coins & do everything yourself by using what you already have available at home. The possibilities are endless!


Shop Til’ You Drop!

What girl doesn’t love a day filled with one of our most favorite pastimes? While most may opt for an online shopping experience (myself included), this time around I would like to encourage you to map out a plan and hit up some of your favorite stores in person. The excitement involved in waiting for packages can be wonderful, but what’s better than being able to use your five senses to pick out exactly what it is that you want (think, no returns)? Not to mention that you’ll be able to take your items home with you same day and play dress up!


Get super cute and book dinner reservations!


Just because your companion isn’t near (or you may be a solo Swaginista in this season), doesn’t mean that you can’t jush yourself up and hit the town! So, grab your favorite freak em dress of choice, paint your face to perfection and go for it! For those that may struggle with the idea of sitting alone, call ahead and confirm that your favorite restaurant or lounge has bar seating for patrons. And for my single Swaginista’s, who knows, you may meet an interested suitor!


Celebrate with your tribe!


What better way to feel Valentine’s Day vibes, than with your dedicated tribe?! Honestly, all the options mentioned above can be celebrated with your family or closest of confidants. You may enjoy your own company, but the opportunity to create new memories with the one’s that you love by your side can be equally as wonderful as having a romantic partner. So, call whomever “they” are up and get to planning!


Send Yourself Flowers and Candy!


I remember back in high school, watching and waiting patiently for someone to anonymously send me a carnation or two, and all I ended up doing was waiting because the time never came, lol. Funny thing is, there were probably several young ladies that had flowers and candy hand delivered to themselves. While it may have created an illusion that they were being pursued, I can totally respect a woman who isn’t sitting around waiting for validation from a romantic interest. Why wait for someone else to do it? Just love on and validate your own presence!


With all the craziness going on around us, the importance of taking time out to love on yourself and others is of high importance. Take time out to enjoy your Valentine’s Day 2022, no matter what your situation, because the very reason that you exist is because someone chose love.


Happy Valentine’s Day Swaginistas!!! -xoxo


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